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Laminate floors in a bright modern kitchen.


Easy to clean and easy to love, laminate offers beautiful performance options.


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About Laminate


Why choose laminate

Do you have a bustling, on-the-go house full of kids and pets and better things to do each day than worry about your flooring? With laminate floors, there's no need to worry about wear and tear. This budget-friendly option couples resilient construction with beautifully realistic looks that compliment every design aesthetic. Today's technology even allows for waterproof laminate so you can have one continuous floor throughout all rooms of your home.

Wood look laminate

Get the warm, inviting look of real wood in durable, easy-to-install wood look laminate flooring. With a variety of wood species available, you can select the color, undertone, and texture that best suits your style without breaking the bank. 

About laminate flooring

Laminate is a compelling alternative to wood, stone, and tile flooring because it looks like the real thing but thanks to its makeup, it often holds up better against your family’s demanding lifestyle. Laminate consists of three layers, beginning with a plywood or fiberwood base. The middle layer features high-definition imaging to recreate your preferred material, whether that's marble, tile, hardwood, or a unique pattern, custom designed for your room. A clear top layer seals the planks and protects them from the kids and pets running laps through your home. 

Waterproof variations of laminate feature resins that resist liquid. A water-repellant wear layer and watertight joints between planks also help to protect it from your kids spilling their cereal or your husband walking inside with wet shoes


Whether you're going for a trendy white oak hardwood in the foyer or a sleek white-veined marble in the kitchen, laminate floors offer an array of hues to match your home's unique design style. Laminate flooring, sometimes incorrectly referred to as wood laminate flooring, comes in styles resembling ash, oak, walnut, maple, and other popular wood species. This laminate option mimics the natural grain texture with a deep embossing technique. This visually realistic replication of hardwood and other high-end materials makes laminate an incredibly appealing flooring solution for many homeowners. 

Durability and maintenance

Laminate floors hold up to all the traffic of a busy home thanks to their multi-layered construction, which delivers long-term durability under the right conditions. The sturdy, compressed-wood base and protective top layer provide a firm feel underfoot while also resisting common scratches and scuffs from Fido's claws and your little boy's toy cars. 

Your road to easy living is made possible with laminate floors! Maintaining laminate flooring is simple with routine sweeping with a broom or dry mop. Follow any cleaning instructions your manufacturer provides to ensure your floors last for many years. Unless you opt specifically for waterproof laminate, avoid installing in high-moisture environments. You also want to be sure to clean up any accidents or spills right away to protect your laminate’s lifespan.


You can enjoy many years with your laminate flooring investment under the right conditions. These include: 

  • Proper installation with quality materials
  • Cleaning and maintaining the flooring
  • Following instructions provided by the manufacturer

To ensure your laminate floors are worry-free, ask about the warranty protection available. A Carpet One Floor & Home expert can help you find the best warranty to meet your specific needs.


The installation process is fairly seamless with the right tools and know-how, which starts by acclimating the laminate planks to your space for at least 48 hours to avoid expansion from temperature and humidity differences. 

Once they're ready to install, our professional installers will ensure the laminate planks are properly in place in no time so your warranty is protected. 

Advantages and disadvantages of laminate flooring

The benefits of laminate are endless! Don’t believe us? Just look at how popular laminate floors have become in today’s home market. Not only does laminate offer your home the extreme resilience you need with easy installation and maintenance, but it also realistically mimics natural materials, so you can get that hardwood or stone look at a fraction of the cost.

Luckily, the downside of laminate flooring is pretty limited. Laminate floors can't be refinished like solid wood can, and standard laminate isn't entirely impervious to water. For a continuous floor throughout your home, consider waterproof laminate, which can withstand splashes during bathtime and the occasional mess from wet, muddy paws. 

Frequently asked questions

What is the best laminate flooring?

The best laminate is the one that best meets your needs. Want a beautiful, durable floor that withstands accidents and messes with ease? Consider waterproof options. If you're searching for the most durable laminate, ask for the product's abrasion class (AC) rating. On a scale of 1 to 6, AC3 is optimal for heavy residential use.

What is better: laminate or vinyl flooring?

The vinyl flooring vs. laminate debate is common, but in truth, they're both winners. For flooring that can work in a moisture-prone space, go with vinyl and its waterproof core. If not, laminate floors may be a good choice since they’re easier on your wallet.

How long do laminate floors last?

When laminate flooring is installed properly and maintained according to the manufacturer's instructions, it can generally last several years. 

Is hardwood better than laminate?

Not necessarily. Many might say that solid hardwood flooring is better because it will last a lifetime and give you a higher home value. But, laminate floors do a great job of delivering a hardwood look at a fraction of the cost and offer unbeatable durability and water resistance.

How much does laminate flooring cost?

The cost of laminate flooring really depends on the type and quality you choose, as well as the size of your space. In general, laminate floors can run about half the cost of genuine hardwood. Factors that influence laminate cost include: 

  • Type of top coat
  • Thickness
  • Quality

What is the difference between vinyl and laminate flooring?

If you're searching for a durable, kid- and pet-friendly floor, you might be stuck between vinyl and laminate. Though vinyl and laminate floors look and feel similar, their construction is what sets them apart. Vinyl contains a manufactured waterproof core while laminate flooring consists of a wood-based core that's easily damaged if water penetrates it.


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